good aftercare

beautiful result

Remove the wrap when you get home and discard it. The tattoo does not need to be rewrapped or covered again.

Wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and mild, unscented soap, preferably antibacterial soap. Wash the tattoo with your hands and gently rub to remove dried blood and ink residue. Do not use a washcloth or irritating soap! At this point, there is often a light scab formation, and it should be minimally disturbed. Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.

For the first three days, it is recommended to wash the tattoo twice a day. Afterward, once a day is sufficient for the first week.


Do scabs always form on my tattoo?

Yes, every tattoo will develop scabs, but with proper care, these will resemble more like flakes than scabs. However, this also largely depends on your own skin type. Color tattoos and tribals may often take a bit longer to heal compared to black and grey tattoos.

Ink is coming out of my tattoo, is something wrong?

During the first 2-3 days, it's normal for some ink to come out of the tattoo, but if this continues, you're probably applying too much ointment. It's better to apply a thin layer more frequently than applying it too thickly twice.

After my tattoo has healed, I see that there are some areas where something is missing. Can this be fixed?

Yes, even the best cared-for tattoo can sometimes heal poorly. This is where touch-ups come in. Wait 5-6 weeks until the tattoo is completely healed before coming back. Retattooing too soon can damage the skin and cause scarring.

Can I sunbathe or use a tanning bed while my tattoo is healing if I cover it up?

No, UV rays can still penetrate and damage the new layer of skin that is forming.

My tattoo is less vibrant after healing than when it was first done. Is this normal?

Yes, during healing, a new layer of skin forms over the tattoo. So when you look at your tattoo, you're actually looking through a layer of skin. If you have dark skin, colors will appear much less vibrant than if you have very light skin.